Buyers Guide

We know how hard it can be for a buyer to know what to look for when buying a property. So we’ve used our years of experience to put together this guide for you.

The Physical Premises

Watch for Damp Patches and evidence of recent painting that could be concealing something. Use your nose and ears as well as your eyes.

Make a note of the fixtures and fittings that are included in the sale.

Are Seasonal Changes likely to impact on the comfort of the property?

Is the property laid out in a way that would allow for expansion?

Bring a compass or use your phone to figure out which way the house is facing.

Look around, how are the well maintained are the adjoining properties?

Questions for the Sales Agent

Has the seller had the property surveyed?

Have any previous sales fallen through as a result of a survey?

Has the map of the property been checked to ensure the boundaries are correct?

Who owns the boundary fences and who has to maintain them?

Has the agent written a Schedule of Fixtures, Fittings & Contents included in the sale?

What is the BER Rating on the property?

Ask if you can take photos, you might spot something later that could affect the sale.

What is the general area and nearby amenities like?

Are there any other offers on the property?

Why are the owners selling?

Is there a Chain (The owners buying another house that relies on the sale of this one)?


Is there a nearby Body of Water?

Has the property ever Flooded?

Is there any Upcoming Development in the area?

Are there any problems between the current owners and the neighbours?

Are there Green Areas nearby, and is there any development planned for those?


How is Water Supplied? If it’s a private supply ask when the quality was last checked.

When was the septic tank last serviced?

When was the boiler for the heating system last serviced?

If the access road is private ask about right of way over the main roadway.


Is the house Currently Occupied?

What will the house look like when empty?

Is there anything the current occupant may leave behind when moving out? If so make a note of it and ask for it to be removed.

Legal Obstacles

Is Bank Consent needed for the sale? Is it a Bank Sale?

Is there any other legal impediment to the sale?


Has the owners solicitor verified that all Planning Issues are in order?

If there are any Dormer Bedrooms are these covers by the Planning Permission?

Was the garage built under the original planning?

If there is a conservatory to the front or side: Was this part of the original build, or was it added later? If so, was there Planning Permission for it?