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Find out why Fran Grincell Properties are the best placed and most successful for buying or selling properties.




Trust us to get you the best price for your property

Preparation is key to a successful sale. Our marketing approach and advice on improving your property for sale is what will enhance its value.

  • Fran has over 35 years of personal experience buying and selling some of the most significant properties in Kilkenny City. So you can believe it when he says he understands buying and selling property.

  • Experience and success are hugely important in our business. Our sales record is by far the highest of all Sales Agents in Kilkenny City & County.

  • Our honesty and integrity are not for sale; we work for the seller. We pride ourselves on this, and the transparency of how we conduct our business is second to none. We operate to the standards set by the Property Services Regulatory Authority.

  • We offer advice on improving your property's potential value with just a few simple changes.

  • All offers on your property are taken by email or text only and open to inspection.

  • We don’t just wait for interested purchasers to come to us, we maintain extensive lists of buyers seeking property, and we work to match them with suitable sellers.

  • We work around your schedule. For example, we know that weekdays at 9-5 aren’t suitable for everyone, so we are contactable in the evenings and on weekends. As a result, we can ensure that potential buyers can view your property at a time best suited to all.

  • Most importantly — we work for you. We pride ourselves on being honest and hardworking, and we trust that our track record shows this.




Get the most from your property with our Valuation Service

At Fran Grincell Properties, we offer free sales valuations to help you determine the true value of your property. Simply let us know a convenient time for us to call you, and we'll take care of the rest. Our valuations typically take less than an hour, and we'll provide a detailed report within 48 hours.

During the valuation, we'll gather all the necessary information including measurements, pictures, and any other relevant details. For site valuations, we'll also require a site map. Our goal is to provide a simple and accurate valuation of your property, without any unnecessary complications or delays. Trust us to handle everything with professionalism and efficiency.


To ensure the most accurate price for your property during a valuation, we have prepared the following questions:

  • When was the property built?

  • What type of construction was used to build the house?

  • Is the property located in a flood-prone area?

  • Are there any existing rights of way on the property?

By asking these questions, we can gather all the necessary information and take all factors into account to provide the most accurate valuation possible. Our goal is to ensure that you receive a fair and reliable assessment of your property's value.




Let us take care of things for you

We aim to make the entire letting process as easy and stress-free as possible for both the landlord and the tenant. We offer an appraisal and advice service for landlords that will help determine the asking rent for their property. We advise on the laws rental standards to ensure that both the landlord and tenant are satisfied. We also offer a range of other services for lettings that takes all the work out of the process;

  • Our advertising expertise ensures that the property is highly visible everywhere. A very popular choice is a feature on our homepage. This means your property is immediately visible to our visitors. We also feature on our social media accounts and In addition to our online offerings we also physically advertise in print and in our window displays in the centre of Kilkenny.

  • We will handle the viewings, so you don’t have to fit them into your schedule.

  • We can also obtain and check the tenant references so you can rest assured that your property will be well treated.


  • You don’t have to worry about organising the initial deposits and payments, we handle all of this for you.

  • Any letting contracts, and any special circumstances or needs that are required, are handled by us. We have years of experience in this and know exactly what is required.

  • We also handle the registration of the tenant with the PRTB. That’s another thing you don’t have to worry about.

  • If the property comes furnished we can make an inventory of the contents for you.

  • If a BER certificate is required we can organise that too.




Make sure your property is seen with our High Visibility Advertisements

We get your property noticed. We market your property correctly and our direct approach achieves success.

  • Our internet presence is higher than any other agent achieving ‘hits’ of up to 30,000 per month, on combined property advertising sites. Our own Fran Grincell Properties site, and are our main tools of success.We maximise the use of these sites and use professionally taken photographs on your property and the sites.

  • Each property has its own marketing strategy that is tailored to it.

  • All offers made on your property are taken by email or text only and are open to inspection.

  • Our offices are located in a high traffic, central part of Kilkenny. This makes our window displays an extremely effective advertising strategy that are proven to deliver results.


  • Not only do we advertise to the public, but we also have a large network of buyers who have come to us to help them seek out properties.

  • We pride ourselves on our prompt response to potential buyers.

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